Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First snow

It's Tuesday, October 21, 2008 and the first snow of the season is falling. It wasn't supposed to snow much, but the grass is covered already. Those poor weather guys in Colorado...there are way too many variables to keep them from getting it right!

The snow seems a bit early this year. We typically don't get the first snow until it's closer to Halloween. I'm rather ambivalent about it this year. Usually I find the first snow a touch depressing as it signals the official end of warm weather. This year, not so much.

So, I raise a toast to the first snow of the fall/winter of 2008/2009. Feel free to join in with your mug of cider, hot cocoa, or other beverage of choice. Cheers!


Amber said...

Yay, snow!

This year's snow was beautiful because it fell while the scrub oak leaves were still so brightly colored....though it did then knock said leaves off the trees...

Tim Glenn said...

We didn't get much snow at our house at all. In fact, nothing stuck on the ground. Did look pretty coming down though!

Yeah, usually it's Halloween night that we get our first snow. Poor little ghosts and ghoblins, out trying to drum up candy in the freezing cold!