Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm in Kenya!

We landed Saturday night shortly after 7:00 - we're 10 hours ahead of Colorado so I'm getting ready to tuck myself in for the night.

The flights here were uneventful...which is always a good thing! For the first time in a long time United actually got our whole group to our final destination with no delays and no misplaced bags! Woo-Hoo!

We landed after dark so you'll have to live with a few pictures of my room at the hotel. Not too bad! I was fortunate to get assigned when of the more recently updated rooms at our hotel.

It started to rain about 15 minutes after I got to my room. It's now been raining for about an hour and a half. It could be kind of muddy if it keeps up for too much longer.

If you remember, I'm here to cover the opening ceremonies for a girls boarding school out in the Rift Valley at a place called Najile. I promise the stories and pictures will get much more interesting over the next week.

Watch for more soon!

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