Thursday, December 4, 2008

Red Red Wine

I like red wine. Wait. That's a lie. I love red wine! For some reason I've never acquired much of a taste for white wine. I may even have a bit of an allergy to it as I tend to get a bit congested after drinking some. But pour me a glass or two of a rich, robust red and I'm your friend for life – or at least the evening. Of course my primary reasons for drinking a glass or two of red wine are the documented health benefits that come along with it. Yeah..that's it, the health benefits!

There's a whole mystique surrounding wine tasting and choosing a good wine that used to intrigue me. The reviewers talking about hints of chocolate or berries or other flavors always sound great. Personally I've never really been able to pick out those distinctions when I've actually tried the wine. I guess all the cheap beer I drank in college must have tainted my taste buds. My technique is far more simple than what the experts put themselves through. I find someone who has similar taste or make friends with the manager of the local liquor mart and ask for recommendations. So far I haven't been disappointed.

I've had the opportunity to drink some highly rated reds over the years. Silver Oak comes to mind as a nice, smooth, fine tasting wine. At $125 + for a bottle it's not something I have on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I've only had it once when a great friend of mine shared a bottle he had been given as a parting gift when he left an internet design company he helmed for a period of time. Someone really appreciated what he had done and let him know with a great gift!

Here's a sample of some of what's in my "cellar" at the moment.

What I've come to discover is that it's not that difficult to find a really good bottle of red for less than $20 or $30. I'm talking something that really doesn't leave me longing for the Silver Oak but actually gives it some stiff competition!

These wines are very nice, full bodied reds that can either stand alone or go well with a meal. I've never really adhered to the white meat/white wine, red meat/red wine rules. I've found that you can pair red's with just about anything successfully. Some old school wine connoisseurs are probably picking themselves up off the floor about now.

Relaxing with good friends and a good bottle of red typically makes for a great evening. We should get together and try it sometime!


Anonymous said...

I finally popped a Penfold's you gave me a couple of years ago. It was very nice. So nice I kept most of it to myself as my best "drinking" buddy as not there. Here is a belated thanks for the fine bottle! Try a few Melbecs from Argentina. $20 to $30 and you won't be dissapointed! LAB

sharon said...

Oh i so agree. I just tried a Melbecs from Argentina and have found out that i am a big fan!