Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Real Life, Real Change

Today is a big day. There's a big event happening and someone's life will never again be the same. As with most life changing events there's a ripple effect. Other people's lives will change, too.

While lots of people around the world will experience change today, I'm talking about one specific event. My nephew, Travis, and his wife, Lindsey are becoming parents. Talk about a real change! Travis and Lindsey are 20. He's in the Marines and is currently stationed in Georgia. Travis' parents and grandparents are there for the birth...I'm sure Lindsey's parents are there, too. So, today Travis and Lindsey become Mom and Dad to little Gunner. Lori and Kirk become Grandma and Grandpa, and Travis' 16 year old sister becomes Aunt Savannah. Bob and Karin become Great-grandparents and Lisa and I become Great Aunt and Great Uncle. We, of course, feel we're far to young to be "Great Aunt Lisa" and "Great Uncle Ric" – we'd prefer to just continue to be the "great" aunt and uncle. I have to stop and think what Lori and Kirk must be feeling about becoming grandparents because Lori is only a year older than me. Kirk's got a few extra years on top of that but I know he's thinking he's not old enough to be Grandpa Kirk yet...he prefers to be called Captain Kirk.

Little Gunner will make his first appearance in the world sometime today. I love him already because I love Travis. I know there are a lot of other people who feel the same way. Even though we probably won't to be able to play as big a part in Gunner's life as we have with our other nieces and nephews it doesn't mean we won't love him as much. I'm proud of Travis for pursuing his dream to become a Marine and serve our country. I'm proud of both Travis and Lindsey for committing to being the best parents they can be. I wish I could be with them to give them both a big hug and to welcome Gunner into the world, but we can't always get what we wish for. There will undoubtedly be bumps in the road as life moves forward for this new young family. Lisa and I, and the rest of our family will do all we can to support and love them.

Happy Birthday, Gunner!

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