Friday, June 12, 2009

One in a Million

I work at Compassion International. Today we celebrated a major milestone, our 1,000,000th concurrently sponsored child. My team and I put together this video for the occassion.

One in a Million

The millionth sponsored child, Fellow, is from Togo, the newest country that Compassion works in. His sponsor is Jang Mi-Ran, an Olympic gold medalist in womens weightlifting, is from South Korea, the country where Compassion's ministry started in 1952.

It took 57 years for Compassion to reach the 1,000,000th sponsored child mark. We're estimating we'll hit 2,000,000 within the next 5 or 6. The sad part is that's a very small number when you're talking about children living in extreme poverty around the world. Will you help us reach one more?

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labrown said...

Dude, this is awesome. Love the type effects. Very creative and engaging. You should consider doing this for a living ;-).