Sunday, August 16, 2009

Senior Portrait

Last Friday was d-day. Or maybe I should say, "P-Day" - "P" for portrait. As in Senior Portrait.

As an amateur photographer I've been able to capture some pretty cool pictures. Around Memorial Day sister-in-law, Lori asked me if I would be willing to take my niece's senior portrait for her. I accepted and then proceeded to feel my stomach tie itself in knots almost immediately. As a friend so readily pointed out to me, I must've been crazy to accept the assignment. There's a lot of bad that could've resulted from the whole experience – angry parents, a disappointed niece, a family rift. Of course if I pulled it off I'd be rewarded with gratitude from the parents, appreciation from my niece, and the family...well, things would be business as usual with the family.

So here they are...Savannah's Senior Portrait pictures. She hasn't chosen the one she's going to use for her yearbook picture yet but these are a few of what she has to pick from. And, if I may say so myself, I think I did an ok job for my first time as a portrait photographer!


labrown said...

They look great dude!

keely said...

whooo hooo! love them!!